At the heart of the universe is a God of grace.  According to John 1:18, Jesus “explained” God to us, and what He explained through His life, teachings, and ministry is that God is that, above all else, God is a God of grace—outlandish, incomprehensible, amazing grace.  The practical definition of what grace means can be found at the lower left.  As wonderful as God’s mercy is, there is a immense difference between mercy and grace. Mercy says, “I will give you another chance to get it right.” Grace says, “I will love you even though you will never get it right.”  The fulcrum around which the entire universe spins is a God of grace. God is now and forever will be a God of Grace.


What does grace mean?

What does grace mean? God loves you unconditionally. (there are no exceptions or exclusions.)God has already forgiven you of all sins: past, present, future. God accepts you just as you are (wherever that is spiritually, emotionally, mentally, morally, ethically, physically.)


About Reformation Ministries

Steve chose the name Reformation Ministries because of the critical and vital need in today’s world to understand the grace of God. In 1517, Martin Luther reminded the world of God’s grace, a message that had been lost in the church. Once again, today’s Christianity has truncated the message of grace, replacing it with performance religion. The pure gospel of the grace of God needs to be recovered and proclaimed to the world. Today both the church and the world need a new Reformation! God has given Steve a fresh understanding of the “outlandish” grace of God, which is the very foundation of the heart of God, of Jesus, and of the New Testament. Grace is the catalyst for spiritual vitality. The passion of his life is to share this truth—learned through experience—with others who are searching for answers.

Our Mission

To proclaim the radical message of the gospel of the grace of God unalloyed with culture and unsoiled by religion.

Grace For Life!

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